LAX Airport

November 6, 2008

LAX Airport – American television series, which shares takes place on one of the world’s most busy airports – LAX in Los Angeles.

The heads of the airport, the airport manager plate Harley Random (Heather Locklear) and responsible for the terminals Roger De Souza (Blair Underwood), of each reins in the face of new problems. Bomb attacks, drunken pilots, illegal immigrants, the traffickers, late planes and lost baggage – these are only some of the problems which have to grapple. In managing the overall situation helps, inter alia, the police officer Henry Engels (Frank John Hughes), dealing with passengers Tony (Paul Leyden), and responsible for customs and immigration clearance Betty (Wendy Hoopes) and Nick (David Paetkau). The emissions and production of the series was completed for the 13th episode due to low viewing figures.